Toxoya Products

Toxoya Products

Toxoya and Namuya are 100 percent natural medicines, scientifically created to place the anuncio genesis of malignant or cancerous cells. Several research studies conducted in the United States and Peru by Dr. J. M. Bazan and his group of naturists, concluded that the Annona tessmanni, The Annona Mauritia, The Annona cherimolia, The annonacarpus amazonicus, The Kalanche Pinnata, The Charanthia Momordica, The Chondodendron Candicans S., the Scadotenia toxifera K. and The Grandodiflora sp., using their plant cells, destroy the growth and development mechanism of malignant or cancerous tumors.

Judan Dr. Folkman and colleagues Dr. Thomas Boehm, Thimoty Browder and Michael S. Oreilly concludes in his research with the discovery of two polypeptides, inhibitors of angiogenesis.

These two polypeptides are inhibitors of the formation of new blood vessels, thereby stifle and destroy the tumor by impede the nutrients receiving, required for its development through new blood and lymph vessels, and because the tumors secrete stimulate development substances of new capillaries.

These compounds of plant cells, act selectively, and kills cancer cells without harming healthy ones.

Chemical composition

The leaves, roots and bark have:

  • alkaloids: Coclaurina Reticuline, Asterospermina, Anomurina. Also possess steroids, terpenoids, quinones, flavonoids, saponins, phenolic compounds, tannins and an essential oil: Escilitol.
  • Fatty acids: Olieico, linoleic, stearic and lignoceric.
  • Alkaloids present as Sitosterol, Stigmasterol, Campesterol and Cholesterol.

Uses.- In all kinds of cancerous tumors, also in Alopecia, Diabetes Mellitus, bronchiectasia and pulmonary fibrosis, etc.